Emerging Video Call Trends After Covid-19

Emerging Video Call Trends After Covid-19

Video chats can prevent people from developing mental health issues. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, the role of video call has become essential as people often suffer from depression. Experts found that people who use video chat are half as likely to develop symptoms of depression compared to people who only use email, instant message, or no form of digital communication.

As businesses harness the power of real-time and social interactions for their channels and platforms, Increased engagement is an essential component of their growth corporate strategies. The uprising of live video technologies like video calls makes people feel more emotionally connected, creates more meaningful interactions, and saves time and resources significantly.

So, how is COVID-19 changing the video call technology in 2021?

  • Increased internet usage from home requires more common WAN integration in laptops. This gives better connection and better video calls for business meetings while working from home.
  • Laptops were never the primary tool for communication. Therefore, laptop cameras are not of the best quality. However, as WFH becomes the new normal, people are expecting better quality camera technology.
  • It is the same with the sound too. The new trend in 2021 is pushing not only cameras but also microphones and speakers to improve their quality to be used while working from home.
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It is a fact that we are never going back to analog. Technology is changing the way we live, including how businesses operate. To stay connected, we need an easily usable and reachable tool available for employees and customers.

Video calls and group calls are communication tools for both small and large groups that enable remote collaboration. Even the employees who are not familiar with technology can quickly learn and adapt it to their new work environment. It can operate from any device, which eliminates space barriers, especially when travel is restricted and social distancing is crucial.

In some cases, video communication represents the only visible interaction that employees will get with their employers; and now that many companies have discovered that the benefits of telecommuting can work long-term, those numbers are only going to grow. Then, why businesses need video call in 2021: Remote Work

  • After the outbreak of COVID-19, 77% of employees said that the option to work from home makes them happier.
  • 80% of full-time employees expect to work from home at least 3 times per week.
  • Since 2020, people use video call meetings 50% more than pre-COVID-19.
  • 1 in 2 people chose not to return to a job that does not offer remote work after COVID-19.
  • 75% of people are the same or more productive working from home compared to working from an office.

Live video communication is an evolution, not a revolution. As such, our list of 2021 video call trends after Covid-19 builds off of many you’ve already seen before, others that are about to come.

While it’s been around for some time, video call technologies are taking off in 2021. With the adoption of tech solutions like the AI, AR, APIs, and SDKs technologies, use cases proliferating, and video quality continues to increase, the live video communication industry’s influence on everyday life more than ever before.

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Then, There are the top 7 Emerging Video Call Trends After COVID-19
  1. User Experience: Video call tech must be easy to learn. Keeping everything simple is crucial.

  2. Video Quality: It is important for people to feel as if they are having a face-to-face meeting in real life while having a video call meeting.

  3. Productivity Tools: Integration with features that will enhance the collaboration between team members is essential for better work quality.

  4. Personalization: Features such as customizable virtual backgrounds are becoming part of the basic offerings.

  5. Security: Privacy protection and data security are crucial. Risk assessment is no longer an option.

  6. Hassle-free Integrations: Business customers want an easy-to-use video call service with integration with collaborative functionalities.

  7. Increase of Remote Work: Substantial savings from reducing rent or travel costs and through consolidation of virtual office space.

The expansion of live video communication across these multiple applications can be attributed to ever-increasing connectivity, improved quality, and next-generation video capabilities. With low latency connections and near-real-time options for global delivery, it’s possible to get high-quality content where you want at the touch of a button.

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