Announcing: Hyperconnect Enterprise Closed Beta Hyper Video Call Release

Announcing: Hyperconnect Enterprise Closed Beta Hyper Video Call Release

Announcing Closed Beta 1:1 Video Call Release for Each Industry Use Case.

We are excited to release the closed beta version of the Hyper Video Call. Hyperconnect Enterprise (HCE) enables businesses to turn plain conversations into interactive video call meetings with the intuitive media engine APIs and WebRTC technology perfected globally.

Hyperconnect Platform API can be operated from any device. It can enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing the barriers of time and location. No matter when and where your employees, customers and stakeholders are, they can work together to get the best result.

Why do Businesses Need Video Call APIs from Hyperconnect Media Engine?

Hyperconnect has always been dedicated to developing technology that improves real-time video communication. The latest version of our flagship product, Hyperconnect Enterprise platform API, carries on that tradition. Built on a scalable platform, companies can deploy live video communication, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and avatar technologies for just about any location, network, and device.

This B2B enterprise business service is an extension of our past live video streaming success. We’ve been active in video streaming development for seven years and achieved global success with three consumer app services, Azar, Hakuna Live, and Slide.

The Hyper Video Call Technology: Everything You Need to Know

Hyperconnect Enterprise (HCE) users can integrate a customizable toolkit for 1-on-1 WebRTC-based video calls is composed of media engine APIs and SDKs. Hyperconnect platform-API is highly integrative for any industry use cases and platforms.

The easy-to-integrate code lines are built for developers. Hyperconnect Enterprise supports developer teams through intuitive and hassle-free APIs and clears SDKs documentation. Our engineering support team is ready to help all companies to launch minimum valuable products (MVP) at speed and scale.

The Market-Leading Features for Enhancing User Interactions:

  • High-Quality Video Capabilities: HCE offers automatic adaptive bitrate support in audio and video streams personalized to vast hardware and network environments even in places with limited bandwidth.

  • Ultra-Low Latency: Hyperconnect Enterprise’s technology creates real-time interactions among users anywhere in the world that boasts less than 400-milliseconds latency.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Hyperconnect's SDKs are compatible with all major platforms like iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Kotlin, Java), and web (JavaScript). Build a native, hybrid, or web application of your choice.

  • Scalable with ease: Hyperconnect Enterprise's easy-to-build video and audio APIs and SDKs can be integrated effortlessly into any service or application and allow companies to fully customize distinct business scenarios tailored to their needs.

  • Secure and Compliant: Hyperconnect’s security team monitors potential threats 24/7 and secures customer journey through encrypted personal data by the AES256 algorithm, and multi-layer security systems.

  • Reliable Anywhere: HyperRTC enables companies to create apps with automatic bandwidth optimization, auto-recovery after connection, dynamic routing, and 99.99+% service uptime in any corner of the globe.

  • User Experience Enhancements: Hyperconnect is equipped with the technology to integrate social network features such as AI content moderation, AR avatar technology, and AR video filters. With AR, users can express themselves and feel everything more vividly.

How Can Your Industry Benefit from HCE’s 1:1 Video Call?

HyperRTC, WebRTC technology fine-tuned by Hyperconnect, provides video communication technology optimized for a mobile environment. Interactive live video solutions boost audience engagement with live interactive experiences. Check out how your business can make use of one-on-one video calls to become successful.

The best live video chat API
Hyperconnect Enterprise Launches the Video Call API Solution Customized Per Industry Use Case

Since the pandemic outbreak back in 2019, video conferencing is continually improving the way industries and businesses can connect on the go. Not only does it help save time, but it also efficaciously reduces the costs related to travel and commuting expenses. These are some uprising industry video call trends to consider in 2021:


Even before the pandemic, visiting clinicians was not something easy to do for many people due to the travel distance or lack of free time. By integrating online video call technology, however, patients can make routine visits more easily through virtual care. Also, clinicians and health providers can communicate more efficiently to share medical expertise.


Customers expect their online shopping experience to be similar to the one they would have in real life. In order to create an immersive virtual shopping experience, customized live support is essential. With HCE’s 1:1 live video chat, you can build a loyal community remotely and a positive brand reputation.


This is probably one of the most profound changes that will impact the future of online education, by integrating the 1:1 video call technology, students will be able to watch the experts in their field as they teach lessons in real-time from anywhere in the world. This is more conducive for learning as studies show that humans learn more when is a live visual experience involved.

Financial Services

Insurance and fintech businesses can use video calls to increase the efficiency of risk management, customer services, and claim processing. Employees can communicate with partners and clients in real-time to manage instant claims and make meaningful collaborations in the digital space while saving the cost and time for traveling.

Talent Acquisition

The pandemic has set up various barriers to travel. HR teams can continue with their talent search by leveraging conferencing technology. Video interviews give a better understanding of the interviewees than phone call interviews, while fully assimilating face-to-face interviews.


Social distancing challenges us from going to the office and meeting coworkers in person. However, 1:1 video conferencing connects us with concise and productive meetings. You can build rapport with your team wherever you are.

Lawsuits can be conducted over the internet. A lot of remote court hearings in North America happen via video call. Video conferencing technology reduces the time, cost, and pain of traveling to the court.


Some people often have trouble using the current banking system because of their physical conditions. Real-time video communication becomes very handy in such cases. For example, Westpac, an Australian bank, actively uses video conferencing to provide a more convenient banking experience for customers with disabilities.

Video Call Fansign

Although fansign events are a big part of the entertainment industry, especially K-pop, the pandemic has triggered restrictions on in-person gatherings in a big group. Virtual fansign events through 1-on-1 video calls have been proven as an excellent alternative to re-create excitement among celebrities and fans.

Social Discovery

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online interactions have skyrocketed with the flood of social discovery services worldwide. Even conventional social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have adopted video chat to boost user engagement within their services. This trend tells us that video call is now an integral part of staying connected.

Can Employees Be Productive and Interactive at the Same Time? Yes, If they Have Hyper Video Call.
  • 87% of remote users feel more connected to their team and process when using video conferencing. (GIGAOM)

  • Experts say that in the digital age, one-on-ones are one of the most important productivity tools. (Harvard Business Review)

  • 1:1 check-ins between managers and employees can reduce 30% of voluntary exits and boost employee retention. (Timeisltd)

  • 64% of employees say 1:1 meetings with a colleague have the greatest impact at work. (Korn Ferry Survey)

  • Companies can save up to $11,000 per employee by using video conferencing technology. (Lifesize, Wainhouse)

  • Video conferencing tools can reduce business travel by 47%. (Lifesize, Wainhouse)

  • 69% of employees expect a greater impact from video meetings than audio-only meetings. (Lifesize, Wainhouse)

  • By shortening the project timeline with video conferencing tools, companies can reduce the total project cost by 15%-30%. (Lifesize, Wainhouse)

Wide Range of Video Conferencing Benefits

Hyperconnect Enterprise's one-on-one video API can be used for any industry use case you can imagine. So, what will your business specifically get out of Hyper Video Call? Take a look below.

1-on-1 video call API and chat API
1 on 1 video call API
  1. Add a personal touch to your business online.
  2. Access large and dispersed audience at low cost.
  3. Stay in touch with people who are difficult to interact with in real life.
  4. Share information in a timely manner.
  5. Create a more engaging team environment with face-to-face interaction.
  6. Engage in effective collaboration and make teamwork meaningful.
  7. Save costs of travel expenses and reallocate the budgets.
  8. Set up regular meetings easily with customers, partners, and stakeholders.
  9. Break down the distance barrier.

About Hyperconnect

Hyperconnect is a video communication and AI company. Hyperconnect is well reputed for optimizing the world-first WebRTC technology for mobile platforms. Examples of Hyperconnect’s extinguished success built on its top-notch video technology are as below:

Azar: Hyperconnect Enterprise’s video call technology is powered by Azar. Azar is a social discovery video chat service that has over 500 million downloads globally. Users can randomly connect with people from all around the world even in unstable mobile connection environments. In 2019, it ranked 5th place among all non-game apps on Google Play Store.

Hakuna Live: HCE’s live-streaming technology is refined through Hakuna Live. Hakuna Live is an interactive live streaming service that enables anyone to participate in a live broadcast freely. It has over 15 million downloads globally and was nominated as one of the ‘Best Apps of 2019’ by Google Play.

Slide: Slide is a video dating app that changes your first-date frustrations into real connections and instant chemistry. Users can explore video profiles, match and date via online video calling at their fingertips, and find that chemistry before dating in real life.

The Takeaway

Find out today what difference your organization can make by integrating Hyperconnect Enterprise’s interactive WebRTC-based 1:1 video call. Ask us how you can make meaningful collaborations, improve productivity, and stay competitive in your industry with live video streaming software. Expand the possibilities, explore the potential opportunities, and get immersed into a vivid connection.